Dover School Nurses

A common impression of the school nurse is a sweet lady who takes care of kids with a belly ache or a scraped knee at school. Yes, school nurses administer first aid, but they also do so much more! School nursing services are becoming more complex. Today's students come to school with a variety of issues (physical, mental, cultural, and economic) - all of which impact their educational experience. The number of children with chronic conditions requiring ongoing care during the school day has increased. Some children often have specialized health needs requiring skilled care, such as tube feedings, catheterization, inhalation therapy, and injectable medication administration.

School nurses are also responsible for maintaining updated immunization records, school health screenings, providing health education and participating in IEP's.

Statistics show that healthy students learn better. By identifying, evaluating, and addressing health issues, school nurses influence children in their ability to learn. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

Building Assignments

  • Dover Avenue & East Elementary: Mrs. Patterson
  • South Elementary and Dover High School: Mrs. Mossor
  • Dover Middle School: Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Mossor

Mrs. Sherry Patterson, RN

Mrs. Sherry Patterson, RN

Hi! I'm Mrs. Patterson. I love my job as a school nurse! It's very rewarding and fun! Each child touches my heart in his/her own special way. I will advocate for them in any way I can, whether it's developing a plan of care or teaching them how to wash their hands.
Please feel free to email or call me.

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